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Dirty Bastard (Roughneck Billionaires #3)(6)
Author: Jessica Clare

“It’s interesting,” she says after a moment. “Are you sure you’re only twenty-three? I don’t see any bongs or beer cans in here. No used condoms on the floor.”

I snort. “I’m younger than you. Doesn’t mean I’m a pothead or a drunk. I like beer, but not in bed. Don’t like the smell of weed. And no ladies come back here.”

“Except me.”

“Except you,” I agree. “But you’re not like most.”

She gives me a curious look. “You got a secret Wednesday Addams fetish?”

I clutch at my chest. “How did you know?”

Lexi grins and then sits down on the edge of my bed, bouncing on it to hear the squeak of the springs. The mattress is older and creaks alarmingly when she does. “This is definitely not the bed of a ladies’ man, no.”

“You think the spring sounds are a bit too much ambiance?”

“Definitely. I prefer a nice wall-banging headboard myself.”

That paints a shockingly visceral image in my mind. Of Lexi, her hands pressed up against a heavy wooden headboard, her mouth open with need as I slam into her, so hard we shake the bed together. And then I picture her doing that with someone else and feel like breaking something. I want to ask her if she bangs a lot of headboards—so I can know who to punch—but I know that’s too possessive of a question for tonight. She’s still not mine. Not yet. Tonight is just a hookup. I need more than just a promise of sex to bring her back to me again.

It’s a challenge I look forward to, though.

I move toward the bed and she gazes up at me, the playful look leaving her eyes. The hungry look returns, and I wonder if she’s thinking about the heated kisses we shared in the limo like I am? I hope I didn’t give her too much time to change her mind.

I want to make her mine.

She crosses her legs slowly and tilts her head back, watching me. Her mouth is still full and pink from our kisses earlier. “I’m on the pill, before you ask. And clean. I haven’t had sex in at least two years, and I’m sure I can pull up my doctor’s last test on me if you need verification.”

“That’s very . . .”

“Arousal dampening?” She grins and swings her foot back and forth. “Now you see why I haven’t had sex in two years.”

“I can use a condom.” I’m not put off by her blunt talk at all. It’s the opposite, actually, because now all I can think about is sinking into Lexi without a condom, feeling the hot, wet clench of her around my cock. Jesus.

She grimaces. “So this is where it gets weird. I have a latex allergy and I’m going to break out in rather unsightly hives if you so much as touch a condom. Which is why I get tested so vigorously. Do you have your last test results?”

“I, uh . . .” I scratch my head. “I honestly don’t know.”

“Most doctors have patient portals you can access and pull lab results.” She pats the edge of the bed next to her. “Go on. I’ll wait.”

This is definitely the weirdest conversation I’ve had with a woman. But I sit down anyhow, and pull up my email. I’m sure I’ve gotten emails from my doctor in the past, and I’m also pretty sure I’ve never paid a bit of attention to them. I flip through my inbox, looking for something that involves patient portals or doctor records or whatever. As I do, Lexi slides one leg over my knee and moves closer to me. Her arms go around my free arm, and she leans in closer, pressing her breasts to my arm.

I’m going to break out in a sweat if this continues.

She touches my earlobe with one fingertip, tracing it. “Any luck?”

My cock’s so hard it’s like she’s touching it instead of my ear. “Gotta be here somewhere.” A latex allergy. Jesus Christ. I’ve never heard of such a thing. But she’s practically encouraging me to bareback her, and I can’t pass that up. Lexi’s hot as hell, and with this in the package? I’m a goner. It’s getting difficult to concentrate on my email, but I find something that looks like it might be on the right track and type in a password. And type it in again. And again, because I keep fat-fingering it while she’s caressing my goddamn earlobe.

Not that I want her to stop.

“Almost there?” she practically purrs.

If she meant “coming in my pants,” I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m “almost there,” too. But I finally manage to log in to my doctor’s website and pull up my records. “Here,” I tell her, shoving the phone in her hands. I know I’m clean. She can figure it out from there. I push her back on the bed as she stares at my phone screen, scrolling through, and pull off her shoes. She arches one gorgeous leg so I can do so, but doesn’t otherwise get up.

I toss them aside and then tug on her leggings, pressing my mouth to her skin as I bare it. Goddamn, but her legs are amazing. Sleek and taut, I swear there’s not a bit of jiggle on them. They’re very pale, just like the rest of her, but I don’t mind that. It’s just part of her weird charm. She’s gorgeous, though, and I want to put my mouth between her legs and taste her, but when I push her dress up, all I see is swimsuit.

“Hell,” I mutter.

She chuckles and rubs her foot along the inside of my thigh. “Did you forget we went swimming earlier today?”

I vaguely remember her stripping down to a plain black suit and getting in the water. Vaguely. “I guess I was just hoping I could close my eyes and you’d be naked under me.”

Lexi slides backward and sits up in a fluid motion, then crosses her legs under her, tucking them close in a way I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to repeat. “We could take turns undressing for each other. You go first.”

I lean in, trying to kiss her, but she only leans away again. With a frustrated groan, I flop down on the bed. “You’re cruel to a man, Lexi.”

“You like my cruelty. It turns you on.”

She ain’t wrong. With a rueful chuckle, I get to my feet and give her the world’s unsexiest—and quickest—striptease. My grubby sneakers go flying at the same time that my swim trunks do, and then off goes my trucker cap when I rip off my shirt. Total strip time: less than ten seconds.

Lexi’s eyes widen in surprise, and her laugh dies in her throat as she studies me. “Well, the rest of you certainly isn’t underage,” she murmurs, gaze locked on my cock.

“I’m twenty-three, not thirteen,” I tell her, moving back toward the bed. Takes all that I have not to strut, though. I know I’ve got a nice-size cock. My chest might be a little hairy compared to some of those too-smooth Hollywood types, but it ain’t nothing to scare a girl. I’m just like all of the Price brothers: tall, tanned, and unshaven. “Any problems with the merchandise?”

“No,” she says, and her voice has dropped to a husky note. “I’m quite the happy shopper.” She unfurls her long legs and hops to the floor in a fluid movement. “My turn, then.”

She gives my chest a little push, knocking me to sit back down on the bed. Lexi moves forward with a graceful step, and then lifts her dress over her head. Her hair falls along her shoulders in tousled waves, and now she’s in nothing but her plain black one-piece. Despite the fact that it looks nothing like Gina’s fancy little red bikini, she looks incredible. The neck is square, which means I get just the barest hint of tits, and the hips are cut high, which means her legs seem like they go on forever. More impressive than that is the way she holds herself. She puts her arms over her head and does this little stretch that looks elegant and like a huge fucking tease all at once. Makes my cock hard just to see it.

Well, harder. I’ve been hard since we walked through the door. Hell, since we kissed in the limo.

She does another little elegant bend, and I remember something she told me earlier. “You said you teach yoga?”

“Oh yeah.” She’s got the sultry purr in her voice again. As I wait for her to finish undressing, she lifts one bent leg and then grabs her foot. Slowly, she extends her leg upward until it’s straight and practically over her head, leaving her pussy tight and practically revealed to my salivating gaze.

“Jesus. I think I love you.”

She gives the most delightful little cackle and then just as gracefully lowers her leg and puts her hands on the straps of her swimsuit. With a bouncy little teasing turn, she shimmies it off and then turns to face me again.

Naked, Lexi’s even more glorious than I thought. I mean, she’s already ensconced as the center of my fap fantasies, but this just brings things to another level. Her breasts are small but high, the most perfect, pert little mounds I’ve ever seen. Her waist is slim, and her hips curve outward to the most gorgeous thighs. Even more spectacular than that is the dark little strip of hair that covers her pussy, just enough to hide her from my gaze.


My mouth goes dry at the sight of her. “Don’t suppose I could get you to turn for me?”

“Since you asked nicely,” she murmurs, and does just that. Now I get an unfettered view of her backside, and holy shit, it is the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen. Rounded and plump and perfect, it curves like the most perfect bubble atop those sculpted thighs. I can’t wait to taste her.

Hell, I don’t want to wait any longer. I get to my feet while she’s doing those sexy little stretches and move behind her, grabbing her by the hips and rubbing my cock against that perfect backside.

She gasps and turns in my arms to face me. That’s fine, because that means I can kiss her. I pull her against me and claim her mouth with my own, devouring her with hot, hungry kisses. She moans into me, and her breasts press against my bare chest. I feel her skin all along my own, sexy and soft, and my cock feels like a brick I’m so damn hard.

Lexi gives the sexiest little sigh and then she’s pushing me toward the bed, her hands on my chest. I don’t need to be told twice. Without letting go of her, I haul our twined bodies backward, and we bounce onto the bed. She laughs as I roll her underneath me, and then hooks both of her legs around my waist, capturing me against her.

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