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Dirty Bastard (Roughneck Billionaires #3)(8)
Author: Jessica Clare

I settle my body between her open thighs, our mouths locked together in a continuous kiss. Using my hand, I drag my cock back and forth through her wet folds, making sure it’s good and lubed up. She moans and follows my movements with tiny raises of her hips, until I can’t stand it any longer. I want to be inside her. I fit the head of my cock at the entrance to her core.

And pause, because going bare inside a woman screams against everything I’ve ever known. It ain’t right. Ain’t polite. A condom’s always used. Always. I hesitate and break the kiss. “You did say you’re on the pill, right?”

She nods and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me in closer.

“Just checking.” If she ain’t concerned, I guess I ain’t, either. Certainly isn’t like I don’t want to be inside her, feeling everything. Want that more than anything.

I capture her mouth again, and thrust into her. She stiffens under me with a gasp, and her legs clench around my hips. “Oh, Knox,” she breathes against my mouth. “You feel so big.”

“Flatterer,” I grit out. Can’t be teasing, not right now. Not when her cunt’s clenching me so tight it feels like she’s wrapped her fist around my cock. Being inside her bare means I feel everything, every ripple that courses through her body, every shiver, every gasp she makes.

Feels fucking amazing.

She gives a little cry and squeezes her thighs around my hips again. “Move,” she pants. “Please move. I’m dying here.”

“Can’t have that.” I lock my hand on her shoulder and pump forward again. Her little grunting cry of pleasure matches mine, and I move once more, starting a rhythm. As I rock into her, I watch her reactions to see how she’s responding. Am I pleasuring her? Is she still with me? Faking it?

I think I’ll fucking let the floor swallow me up if she fakes it on me.

But Lexi shifts restlessly under me, her hips rising to meet mine and create more force between each thrust. Her lean, delicious body is growing as sweaty as mine is, and the little noises she emits as we come together aren’t the sexiest, but I love them because they tell me she’s so with me that she doesn’t even care what sounds she’s making. Good. I love the dig of her nails into my skin, the clench of her thighs at my hips, and the jiggle of her tits as she arches her body to meet my thrusts.

I’m close to coming, but she has a look of intense concentration on her face as I pump into her, and she feels so good I know I won’t last long. But she closes her eyes and a little line appears between her brows, and her mouth parts. “Harder, Knox. Need. Harder.”

She’s not gonna fake, then. She’s gonna demand until she gets what she wants. Damn, I love this woman.

I do as she asks, biting down on the inside of my cheek so I can have a contrasting sensation of pain instead of just the heaven that’s her cunt. It allows me to keep going, to thrust harder. I grab the back of her knee and press her thigh forward, allowing me to push deeper into her with every meeting of our bodies.

And just like in my daydreams, she grabs my wooden headboard and braces herself, her head thrown back with ecstasy. Fuck, that’s so sexy that it’s killing my control. I ram into her harder, my balls slapping against her skin with every rough thrust, and each time we come together the entire bed shakes. Doesn’t matter. My entire world is focused on giving it to her as hard as she needs, because I want to see her come again. Come on, Lexi, I silently encourage. Give it to me.

Then, I feel it. There’s a deep body shudder that seems to move through her and her heels dig into my ass as her entire body tightens underneath me. Her cunt seems to grip me even tighter, and her mouth opens in a silent cry. Ah, fuck, she looks perfect. I pump into her harder, wanting to push her over the edge. Needing her release.

She slams a fist down on my arm and screams, and then I feel it all through her body: the quivers that move through her pussy as I fuck her, the flex of her body under mine. She’s coming hard, and I’m right behind her, my hands tense on her thighs as I thrust wildly into her with my own orgasm. I’ve been fighting the tightness in my sac, determined to hold out, but once she releases, I give myself permission to go over, too. With a low growl in my throat, I come.

I’ve never let go like that. Feels like I’m emptying my entire body into her wet, inviting pussy. I come so hard I’m seeing black at the edges of my vision, but I don’t care.

It feels incredible.

She feels incredible. More than that—she feels perfect.

Chapter 5


I wake up sometime before dawn, my pillow missing and a big arm latched around my waist. I sit up in bed and realize Knox has both his pillow and mine, along with all the blankets. Damn. The man’s a thief. I bite back my chuckle of amusement so he can keep sleeping, and slide out of bed. My pussy is pleasantly sore from the pounding it got last night, and I swear that if I crawled back into that bed and woke him up, I’d be leaving his bedroom bowlegged and happy.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

The sex was amazing, but I’m already feeling a pang of regret that I chose to sleep with Knox—a guy I barely know—instead of confronting Keith. I move toward the window in the bedroom and glance outside. It’s still dark out. I should probably call an Uber and have them come get me and take me back to my car. That would make the most sense.

Staying here and waiting for Knox to wake up just means that there’ll be an awkward conversation and he’ll feel obligated to give me a ride back to the hotel. I’m not a fan of forced conversations, so I’d rather not. I tiptoe over to my discarded leggings and hitch them up my legs, then slip on my dress. All the while, Knox sleeps on, completely oblivious to the fact that I’m awake.

It’s a shame I have to nail and bail, because he’s so cute in the early-morning sunlight. The shaggy beard hugging his jaw is just begging for me to run my fingers through it, and there’s a floppy lock of dark hair curling over his tanned forehead. From my vantage point, I can see that delicious chest hair arrowing down to where the blankets hide his very impressive cock. Sigh. He’s going to be a guy that’s difficult to forget.

But reality’s calling me. I need to go back home, contact my yoga clients that I bailed on for the last few days. See how my advertising is doing and what my next month’s lesson plan will look like. Figure out how to pay the rent on my small studio and which credit cards still have room on them. I slide my shoes onto my feet and tiptoe out of his bedroom.

More than anything, I need to make sure Keith didn’t do something insane like take a baseball bat to my car while I left it unattended all night.

I grab my bag and look for a piece of paper somewhere in his trailer to leave a note, but I can’t find one. I dig in my purse and find a tampon. Well, that’ll have to do. I peel it and flatten the wrapper, then write on the pale underside.

Had a grt time. Txt u l8r—LEXI

As love notes go, it sucks. But I don’t have a lot of room to write and I’m not really sure what to say anyhow. I put it under a beer can on the coffee table and, then grab my purse and tiptoe out of his trailer before calling Uber to come and pick me up.

* * *

* * *

The unplanned Uber drive back to the hotel takes a large chunk out of my credit card, but it’s worth it when we circle the parking lot at the hotel and Keith’s truck is gone. Thank god. I breathe a sigh of relief, thank the driver, and then get out of the car and pull my keys out of my purse.

I should have known it was too good to be true. The moment I approach my car, I hear a door slam across the parking lot. I look over . . . and that fucking truck’s still there. It’s been moved.

Well, shit.

I climb into my car and pretend like I don’t see him there, starting the engine. Before I can back out, though, Keith walks behind my vehicle and puts his hands on his hips, blocking me and waiting. I can’t roll forward, because there’s a hedge directly in front of my car.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I mutter. I consider for a moment, then roll down my window ever so slightly and try to act like all of this is no big deal. “You might want to move.”

Keith immediately moves to my driver’s-side window and puts his hand on the glass and manually pushes so hard that my hand crank for the glass goes around in a slow circle. Shit. I ignore the dread pooling in my stomach and stare up at him with my best dead-eyed expression.

“Where ya been, Lexi? I was worried about you.”

“Good for you.”

He leans in my window, six feet of solid ex-military crazy, and eyes me like I’m a problem. “Went by your dance studio—”

I roll my eyes. “It’s yoga.”

“—and it was closed. Your neighbor at the diner said you’d been closed for two or three days, and I was worried there was a problem. Didn’t see your car in the parking lot at the apartments, so I called some of my buddies at the police station and I was able to track your car here.”

A chill goes down my spine. Jesus Christ. “You shouldn’t have,” I say flatly. “I mean it.”

“I was worried about my girl.”

“I’m not your girl.”

He eyes my messy hair and the fact that I have no makeup on. “You aren’t someone else’s girl, are you? Because I don’t think I’d like that.”

“I don’t remember asking for your permission,” I tell him, but there’s a sick clench in my gut, like there always is when Keith’s around. He doesn’t know how to back the hell off.

“Where ya been, Lexi?” He says again with menace edging his tone.

I try to roll up the window and ignore him, but he keeps his big asshole hands planted on it, and I can’t budge the damn thing. “I’m staying at the hotel with a friend, jerkwad. Let go of my car.”

“You are?”


“Now, that’s funny, because I told the lady up front that I was with the authorities and looking for a missing friend, and she didn’t have you checked in as a visitor.”

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